Sell your Home in Nerja

Trying to sell your house in Nerja without success?

We have the solution!

Try our sales methodology

We know the housing market in Nerja like no other company. Our knowledge of national and international clients and their synergies with Nerja make us the perfect solution for selling your property, if you are looking for a professional and friendly company that treats your property for sale in a special and unique way.

Best Selling Price

Get your house for sale in Nerja for the best possible price. A very expensive price can result in you not being able to sell your house, and a very cheap price can result in you losing up to 17% of your investment

The Shortest Time

We sell your home in the shortest possible time because for us your home is unique and we dedicate the time you need to give it the visibility it needs. Don´t trust real estate agencies that do not treat your home as it deserves

No Worries At All

We make it easy for you! All you have to do is trust us to take care of the complete management of the sale of your property. All you need to do is relax while we take care of everything and keep you informed of everything that happens in the process

Full management of your home

Don’t worry about handing over the key because we treat our clients’ properties as if they were our own. We will take care of the entire viewing process and make sure that we filter out potential buyers, and that the visit to the property is not just a tourist tour for the curious.

Collaboration for your benefit

In this process we also manage the collaboration with other agencies so that if the client comes from another agent, it is not an impediment, facilitating the visit and subsequent sale. In fact, in the list of our partners we have collaborators of different nationalities who come to us because they know that we always have good properties to offer.

Continuous information and joint decision making

You will have a continuous report of the clients that visit and feedback about these visits, to make decisions such as price changes, decoration of the property for greater visibility, etc. so that you can make the best decision in the sale of your property.

Commitment to advertising on national & international portals

When you put your property for sale with Hi Nerja Real Estate, your property will be on the best national and international portals, as well as continuous diffusion in what in the digital era we consider to be the best alternative for promotion, which are social networks aimed at the sale and purchase of real estate.

Free energy certification

According to Royal Decree 235/2013, of 5 April, which approves the basic procedure for the certification of the energy efficiency of buildings, it is mandatory to sell a property. For the gesture of placing your trust in us, we will give you this procedure, which will be carried out by our architect.

Civil Liability Insurance

We have a commercial Civil Liability Insurance, so that we are covered for possible claims from both buyers and sellers, although if we are honest it has never been necessary to use it.

Professional and friendly treatment

To everyone who treats us well and with kindness, we are committed to a close and friendly treatment, as well as advice on taxation, valuation and other doubts that may arise.

In short, we make a big investment for the high visibility of your property with a special focus on the European market

Do you want to know how we can sell your house in Nerja?

Fill in the form so that we can tell you in a personalised way what our strategy will be so that you can sell your house for the highest market value, in the shortest possible time and without having to worry about anything.

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